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Originally Posted by MarkE90M3 View Post
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Whats your basis for saying the photoshop isn't accurate? No photoshop can be 100% accurate, but this one is pretty damn close, i'd say 90%. As for wheels, obviously he didn't change the wheels because they are in motion, I don't think anyone is out of their mind enough to try to change wheels that are in motion to another style and then photoshop those new wheels into motion....

I guess its a matter of opinion on how close the Pshop is to the real thing, so here are both pics top to bottom for everyone to draw their own conclusions on what the real car may or may not look like
It is close... people just need to realize it is a PS and not make any conclusions from it. There are some obvious discrepancies, the bumper being the main one, the plate is no longer recessed and the entire bumper on the PS is designed around that principle. The mirrors are the old style as well. The hood is great. I could not do this if I tried and I commend whomever did it but I am sure with the talent they had they could have gotten it closer if they had more time..... more to come I am sure!