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I'm sorry to hear your story man, but I have two points to make:

1) If you think you're very unlucky, I've got you beat. Although I have not yet had a single flat tire, I have replaced 6 tires and 6 wheels!!! In the first incident I hit road construction on the freeway where they had left a sharp edge between a scraped and an unscraped part of the pavement (without any warning signs). Hit it at 45 mph and bent all my wheels and bulged the 4 tires!! Adding insult to injury, my tire and wheel road hazard insurance company said they won't pay for it because it is considered a collision since it damaged all wheels and tires. I had to go through my regular insurance company and pay the deductable AND my insurance rate went up. I am now awaiting for a state hearing to appeal the new charge and hopefully have it reversed by proving that it wasn't my fault (Massachusetts insurance rates are determined by the state).

Then last winter I hit a $#@!! pothole that damaged both wheels and tires on one side (again, bulges but not flats). These were my winter tires (also RFTs) so those wheels and tires were NOT covered by the original road hazard policy.

So, you and I should start our own victim support group

2) There is a big push for RFT and other new technologies for safety concerns. So we are likely to see more, not less, cars with RFT in the future.
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