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LOL, that's about how well Doug and I get along also. Would you happen to be the one that was at EMC for the Drive? Might have seen your car, roof spoiler? If so you parked a couple slots down from me (grey E92). Saw your car when I was leaving and when I came back to look at it a few minutes later you had already left. It looked very nice. Anyway, in the past I've always install things like that myself with a bit of help from Forums like this. However, this car seems pretty difficult to take apart. I'd be willing to help if you wanted to do it yourself. I've done many things before guages, catch can (both on STis) coilovers, sways, etc. Really it just takes time and some studying. Let me know if I can help in anyway. But to FINALLY answer your question, no I don't know of any shops because I've always done the stuff myself.

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