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Heard of a place called Wrenches on SE14th st. I guess they're really good. I have a friend who is taking an RS4 there to get things done to it.

Well, Markel didn't get the wheel done so they sent me home in a loaner. Sucks because I really wanted to play with it on the way home. Now I'm going to waste alot of gas around town getting it out of my system. They're going to deliver my car back to me and pickup the X3 since it has some hood damage that they caused. I was suprised at how much of a difference there is in the car's exhaust note just because it has the auto. It doesn't sound nearly as good or as loud as my car even though I did the golf tee mod to it, LOL. You can tell that it has lighter rims than what I have though, it really seems to pick up speed even with the xi system, which I was really happy with. Coming from the STi I would have to say I like the xi system on this car, I felt at home in the corners with the front pulling me through. Going to have to test it out a bit more this week. Can I get an '11 Tii in Xi?