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Originally Posted by number335 View Post
I was able to locate 2 BMW LL-04 approved oils that can be purchased online. I don't know if these can be found OTC.

Like I said before LL04 is NOT for use in the US it is only for EU cars.

LL-04 oils will only be recommended in the US for diesels
LL-04 oils can be used in markets, like Europe where the sulfur content
is consistently low. With the advent of ULS diesel in the U.S., it will
also work with vehicles designed specifically for that fuel. The sulfur content of gasoline in the US is very inconsistent. If the vehicle is run only on gasoline with relatively low sulfur content, it would be fine.

Because of the inconsistency of the fuel, however, BMW won't recommend

I will be able to expand upon this more in the future.