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I will be most interested to see how the recommendations vary vs the various internet DIY posts over the years and if they have any more information than what has been previously stated.

The idea of "lifetime fluids" seems like still a joke to me although I understand that is their position. It may be lifetime upto and until their 6yr max extended warrenty or 100,000 miles (which ever comes first). It seems to anyone logical that fluids break down over time and need to be replaced -- also, depending on the conditions you drive, for example, if you have an unpaved road or driveway, that the dust/dirt or whatever will get in and contaminate the fluid -- or, at the other extreme, if you drive in very hot or very cold areas of the country or areas that lay down a lot of salt, that once again, fluids become contaminated. I would love to see how many miles a BMW as a NYC Taxi Cab would last. If a BMW used a Taxi cab could hit 200K miles on the service regiment they have, then I would be impresed. I know there are BMW police cars in various countries, I wonder if they follow the same recommendations. Given all the possible conditions and various environments, I find it hard to believe that they have found some miracle fluid that is appropriate for 100% of all conditions.

I don't keep up with all the various makes and models that are available, but have the Germans (Audi/VW, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche) found a magic fluid that the rest of the auto makers have not, or it this just a planned obsolence strategy given a set time ( 6yrs more or less) when they want you to buy a new car?

That said, using my own judgement, my brother and I have been keeping my mother's '92 BMW 525i going and it now has 375k+ miles. Not sure what would have happened if we followed the current recommendation. Not sure what I will do when I get my 335i, but I will be shocked if I can get 375K out of a current BMW.