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Alright, so this last weekend I decided to tackle this mod with my buddy and swap out my chrome for his black trim. Thot I'd share a few things I learned.

Extra hands:
This project would have been a bitch if there weren't two of us. Most of it can be a one-man operation, but there are a few times when the extra set of hands made it a lot easier, one of which is holding the mirrors. If you don't have an extra set of hands, I reccommend disconnecting the mirror wiring to give easier access. Once you unscrew the 3 torx screws, you'll see the plug.

Passenger Side:
One thing the OP didn't mention is that the passenger side door panel is harder to pull back because of the handle, which you don't find on the driver's side. To disconnect the handle you have to remove a single T20 torx screw. To gain access to that screw you have to do two things first.

1.) Pop out the horizontal accent piece (mine was brushed aluminum, yours may be wood), which is held in with clips. Start at the front of the door, and pry back the end of the piece. If you have wood accents, be very careful to apply even pressure so you don't break it by accident. Work your way to the rear of the door.

2.) Pop off the vinyl covered handle piece. It's easiest to just start at the bottom. This won't break as easily as the accent piece, so you can safely pull harder.

3.) Once off, you'll see the screw at the top of the handle. With the screw removed, you'll be able pull the door panel back enough to access the mirror screws.

It's very easy to remove the lower chrome pieces without warping or bending them, but not the rubber channels underneath.

1.) To get just the chrome strips out without messing them up, open your door and move to the back. DO NOT pry up as the OP says (that only works for the black 325/328 trim pieces)! Prying up is what damages the chrome. All you have to do is pull straight back with a long, slow, even pressure and the chrome piece will slide right out. Just be careful with the black plastic on the end... if you pull to hard in the wrong place, you can snap it off. If you do, don't worry. It's an easy fix with a little super glue. I suggest using a small flathead screw driver that fits in the under side of the plastic piece at its strongest point. This will help you pull the chrome strip out a couple inches... far enough to then just use your hands.

2.) Once the chrome is off, you should be left with the rubber channel seal underneath. You have to pull this part out too, but unfortunately I was not able to pull this out without bending it. Even after 4 tries (each window) being increasingly careful each time, I couldn't figure out how to get out without bending it. The problem is that there is a metal strip inside the rubber that warps and makes it very difficult re-place into the window channel as it originally sat. Result? I'm splitting the cost of buying new OEM parts with my buddy to solve this. Still worth it if you ask me.

Black Trim:
The black trim is all one piece. Unlike, the trim from the 330/335, which consists of 2 parts (the chrome piece and rubber window channel seal), the black trim from the 325/328 is all one piece. For removal, follow the OP's directions. Reinstallation is also super easy.

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