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Originally Posted by ianbiz View Post
It will fail.
I don't necessarily think it'll fail.. I like the idea that they are bringing the 'Big Guns' of diesel motors to the US... They need to show that diesels are a contender.
When VW brought their TDI motors over here (15 years ago), they made the mistake of only bringing the weak, eco-diesels; which didn't help with the whole 'diesel sucks' attitude that Americans have with them...
I only hope that they bring other motors like the one from the 123d and the 330d.
Like I said before, I'd buy a 330d 6mt in heartbeat if they brought it over and it was priced below that of the 335i... The 330d is a simpler motor (single turbo) than the complex sequential-turbo that the 335d has.
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