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Originally Posted by anderson007 View Post
I doubt that the cover is for the urea solution as it is going to be added at service interviles. With a large tank in the front wheel well and a smaller top up tank in the engine compartment. So it would be kinda silly to be putting it in the bumper.
Also keep in mind that a good amount of BMW business is the lease's so there will either be a higher residual on the Derv car or the price increase will not be that large.
I beg to differ in your opinion since that is indeed what the cover is for and the inactive tank is located there. The active (heated tank) is up front and the passive storage tank is located in the rear bumper on the 335d.

Originally the same setup was to be used for the X5 but due to third row seating it was moved into the front and the setup had to be modified, the first plans were to drop the 3rd row seating but marketing said no...

There is a specially designed bottle and filler so that a customer may do it without needing to bring it in for service (you know when the car is out of warranty).

For more info please see below and you can also search around....

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