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Originally Posted by ALPINE6SPD View Post
I drove it at training and also drive the X5 with the diesel. It was nice but not worth the approx 2500-3000 cost over the TT 6 cylinder. In the X5 on the other hand it makes sense. The X5 is actually quicker with this motor than the gas engine and gets better mileage. The X5 with that motor was amazing to drive I was extremly impressed with it. How can you beat it, more HP that the 3.0si gas engine and more torque than the V8 with the mileage os a 4 cyl SUV. It makes a lot more sense in the X5 that the 3 series to me and after driving both extensively on the track and on the road that point was more obvious to me.

Agree, get us the X6 35d and the 3 series with the 320d.
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