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^ well, first you'd have to get your verb-age correct, diesels do not use "gas" they use diesel fuel...

As its stated throughout this short thread, those mileage estimates are very conservative, more than likely you'll save on fuel consumption. However, it still may not be enough to cover the up-front added cost of purchasing a diesel. If BMW charges a premium for it that is. If it runs the same cost as the 335i, it should be worth cross-shopping if diesel and premium stay around the same prices...

Since you already own an e90, it probably wouldn't be advantageous for you to trade. Usually BMW 3ers loose +-40% of their value in the first 3 years, so you may or may not be upside down depending on what you did or did not finance...

Also keep in mind that the diesel engine should be able to accept mods just as a gas unit does. As in, it might be very easy to get back that power you think you need on a daily basis...

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