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Originally Posted by malbec View Post
Lassaxi---why would you not notice the extra torque in the 335d? My 335i has 300LB-FT. How could you not notice another 125 LB-FT in a car that weighs about the same---especially when already cruising on the open road.
I 'm thinkin this car will crack your head back from 50-80mph especially with the 7 speed DCT. More torque than a 550i, more than an M3! Yikes! More torque, gotta like that-and throw in better mileage. Sounds great!

The extra torque of the diesel will be nice, but will not be as noticable as you think because of the tall gearing of the diesel. The final drive ratio of the diesel is 2.81 versus 3.46 for the gas. And don't forget, the peak torque of the diesel is good to only 2250 rpm, then it starts to drop. That's why the diesel can't accelerate as fast as the gas version. Peak torque is nice, but the gearing and how long the engine can hold the torque are also important factors to consider.
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