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Originally Posted by 335er View Post
Ok, I tried to figure out what the annual savings would be, if any, among the different 3 series options for 2009. Feel free to comment on the numbers. The fuel prices are from, using my home city. I also estimated 15,000 highway miles a year for driving (as it would be easier for me to calculate that way; I understand that is not necessarily representative of everyone's individual commute). The 0-60 times are based on, plus the 6.2 seconds for 0-62 noted on the first page of this thread.

Price of premium: $4.31
Price of diesel: $4.99

Miles driven per year: 15,000

328i highway mpg, estimated 0-60: 28, 6.3 (manual), 6.9 (automatic)
335i highway mpg : 26, 5.4 (manual), 5.6 (automatic)
335d highway mpg (est): 33, 6.2 (automatic only)

328i total annual gallons consumed (15,000/28): 536
335i total annual gallons consumed (15,000/26): 577
335d total annual gallons consumed (15,000/33): 455

328i total annual fuel cost (536x$4.31): $2,308.93
335i total annual fuel cost (577x$4.31): $2,486.54
335d total annual fuel cost (455 x $4.99): $2,268.18

So, total savings (under the facts assumed here) for the 335d is $40.75, compared to the 328i, and $218.36, compared to the 335i. That surprised me, as I had been a big proponent of the 335d, even if it is coming in automatic-only guise. But now with diesel prices at 68 per gallon more than premium, the annual fuel cost differential is pretty small. That's a change since the last time I tried this analysis (
Good stuff. The published fuel consumption for the 335d seems to be quite conservative compared to what some of our UK members are saying though while the gas numbers seem to be fairly accurate. So that kind of skews the results.