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Originally Posted by 335er View Post
Ok, I tried to figure out what the annual savings would be, if any, among the different 3 series options for 2009. Feel free to comment on the numbers. The fuel prices are from, using my home city. I also estimated 15,000 highway miles a year for driving (as it would be easier for me to calculate that way; I understand that is not necessarily representative of everyone's individual commute). The 0-60 times are based on, plus the 6.2 seconds for 0-62 noted on the first page of this thread.

Price of premium: $4.31
Price of diesel: $4.99

Miles driven per year: 15,000

328i highway mpg, estimated 0-60: 28, 6.3 (manual), 6.9 (automatic)
335i highway mpg : 26, 5.4 (manual), 5.6 (automatic)
335d highway mpg (est): 33, 6.2 (automatic only)

328i total annual gallons consumed (15,000/28): 536
335i total annual gallons consumed (15,000/26): 577
335d total annual gallons consumed (15,000/33): 455

328i total annual fuel cost (536x$4.31): $2,308.93
335i total annual fuel cost (577x$4.31): $2,486.54
335d total annual fuel cost (455 x $4.99): $2,268.18

So, total savings (under the facts assumed here) for the 335d is $40.75, compared to the 328i, and $218.36, compared to the 335i. That surprised me, as I had been a big proponent of the 335d, even if it is coming in automatic-only guise. But now with diesel prices at 68 per gallon more than premium, the annual fuel cost differential is pretty small. That's a change since the last time I tried this analysis (
Excellent analysis!,
The only thing is that prices for fuel vary so much from locale to locale that you numbers do not translate to where I am. I usually use the regional or national averages when I do the same analysis.

For example today Premium was $4.69, diesel $4.99 where I am. So my saving would be double yours, not to mention the 33 is a low ball figure and you are not comparing auto to auto.

For US fuel avg. I use the Department of Energy site:

BTW- the reason for the auto in the 335d is for drivability and efficiency.