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Originally Posted by Dave_3 View Post
As an E92 335D driver ... it just confirms that I can run a car with more torque than an M3 or M5, effortless pace and comparable straight line speed to a 335i (that's from real drivers' experience and feedback of both cars in the UK). I can have all that, but still have a nice little bonus that it costs less than a 328i to run.

It seems that most, not all, Americans are unable to see the 335D as an alternative performance package, but rather see the "D" badge and break immediately into arithmetic to work out fuel savings. Which do exist.

If you want a high-revving experience go buy a 335i - you'll love it, and nobody could fault you.

However .... if you enjoy a mountain of addictive, creamy torque (just ask all those 335i drivers who appreciate that), equal real world performance and much better mpg you'll soon have the choice of a 335D. Choice is good.

There are a few reasons that I broke down the figures:

1) You are right; Americans tend to get a calculator out to see if diesel is worth it. I did this in part out of my own curiosity and in part to give people hard numbers, rather than assertions based on the price of diesel alone;

2) I have heard that there will be a price premium for the 335d, and, setting aside the performance issues, I was curious to know how much it would cost compared to a 335i, if the straight line performance was close to an apples-to-apples comparison, other than the number of revs hit;

3) The 335d comes in automatic only, and I'm a committed manual driver; I wanted to see how the numbers stacked up to potentially persuade me to buy an automatic.