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Originally Posted by tag824 View Post
Not to piss on your parade, but why would you put that much time and $$$ into a (clear throat) wagon? I understand that a coupe or sedan isn't practical for everyone but modding a wagon seems silly to me.

Bitchin factor scale...

Coupe > Sedan/SUV/Crossover > Wagon

Sedan is for business man whos boss won't pay any extra over the basic model.

Coupe is for the youngster who like to wear his cap back to front and have his pants halfway down his arse and pretend he is pimping in the hood. But we all know that Daddy bought it for getting good grades.

SUV, you buy it because you have a small dick so have to look big in other areas.

Crossover, you buy it because you have a small dick but also you are worried some nob in a coupe is going to call you soccer mum if you buy the wagon.

Wagon, well that is just for soccer mums!!

Wagon owner and proud!!