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Michael Schott

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Originally Posted by NYCe60ne90 View Post
can you prove this and take a picture of your lights agnist a wall or anyone for that matter?

i was at the dealership today and both headlights seemed straight with eachother.
but again it wasnt agnist a wall.

when i was driving my passengers side was lighting up signs from a mile away!! and i can see my lights were going into people rear view mirrors from about 2-3 car lengths away.

please if you can post some pics, i will post pics of where i have put my lights now. thanks alot
Why doubt myself and others. My 328 and my previous car a Cadillac CTS both have the drivers headlight aimed lower than the passenger. Others here say this is to keep from blinding oncoming traffic with modern headlights and this is true. If you are unsure have the dealer set the headlights to the original specifications.

Thanks, Mike.