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Originally Posted by flukey View Post
I don't know if any of you have gone to the EuroWerkz LC shop near Des Moines, but I am really dissappointed with the experience I had.

I called Doug, owner of this company to inquire about installing a boost gauge and oil catch can. Immediately he asked, why do you need an oil catch can. I stated it was due to the nature of a boosted car and their oil issues. He asked if I had any performance software and I stated I use the SSTT.

Next thing I know he says, "I'm a DINAN dealer I can't help you with that phony stuff. Goodbye."

That is utterly rediculous in my opinion. I was not asking him to perform any type of repair, I simply wanted to install my boost gauge and oil catch can. Just because I'm not using anything DINAN means I can't be a customer? It makes no sense.

EuroWerkz LC gets an F- in my book and Doug is an ass. He needs to get off his DINAN high horse...

BTW, do any of you guys know any good perfomance shops in the area who treat customers with respect? Thanks.
I can't defend Doug because I don't know him but have spoken with him numerous times. I'll tell you this...his reputation is pretty strong in the racing and tracking community. My guess is that when he became a Dinan dealer he agreed to not work on/with vehicles with other types of tuning that may be considered competition. It surprises me that you received that kind of treatment...every time I've called he's been more than civil. Maybe you caught him on a bad day?