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Originally Posted by BlackJetE90 View Post
Your results are skewed. Only using highway mileage is not the way to figure savings. You need to use combined mpg numbers.

Also east coast diesel is expensive, so your region wouldn't see the savings others would. Although it would increase using combined mpg.

Using my local(Huntington Beach, CA) prices for Premium and Diesel, same station.

Price of premium: $4.65
Price of diesel: $5.09

Miles driven per year: 15,000

335i combined mpg : 31.0
335d combined mpg : 42.2

335i total annual gallons consumed (15,000/31.0): 484
335d total annual gallons consumed (15,000/42.2): 355

335i total annual fuel cost (484x$4.31): $2,250.60
335d total annual fuel cost (355 x $4.99): $1806.95

Savings: $443.65/year

Basically it comes down to what your local gas and diesel prices are. Didn't use the 328i, I couldn't find a combined mpg number for it.

Not to mention the 335d is nicer to the enviroment.

Co2 Emissions (g/m):

335i - 218

335d - 177

The 335d is ~27% more fuel efficient, 31.0 mpg combined vs. 42.2 mpg combined.

335d Co2 emissions are about ~19% less.
You know, I've been a big 335d and diesel X5 supporter, so I'm interested in your numbers, and was disappointed in what my calculations showed. I do have two questions though: 1) Where did you get the combined numbers? (And what do they represent?) and 2) I was under the impression that diesels did better on the highway than in city driving; is that wrong?