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When you buy a new car off the lot, how long do you typically keep it?

Just curious to hear from those of you that have bought brand new cars off the lot (or ordered, of course). How long do you typically end up keeping your car? Please only answers with regards to BUYING a brand new car, not leasing. I know I buy a new car with intentions of keeping it 4-5 years, but with 2 of my last 3 cars, I only kept them 1 year each before I got the itch for something different, even though when I purchased them I had intentions of keeping them a long time. I'm sure other people have lifestyle changes or get bored with it sooner than they expected or something new comes along or whatever, but Im sure some of you end up loving them or pay it off and like having no payments, and end up keeping them for years more than originally intended.

How long do you end up keeping your car historically when you buy a brand new one?

My last 4 cars went like this:

1998 BMW Z3 - 1 Year
1999 Toyota 4Runner - 1 Year
2000 BMW Z3 - 6 Years (to present)
2007 BMW 335i coupe - put downpayment down, expect it in Sept.