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Originally Posted by Graphite Shark View Post
The chart says Flywheel HP rather than Wheel HP at the tires. Unless the tuner has an engine dyno and lifted the motor out of the car to test it at the flywheel rather than rolling the whole 335D up on a typical dyno, the chart would seem to indicate that the WHP numbers were upped to correct for drivetrain loss, giving virtual FHP numbers.

Loss wouldn't be a straight % as the loss would very by drivetrain temprature and RPM, but it's easier to think in basics- 12-15% is typical.

The numbers are still very good tho
Ahh ok I fully understand now.

We posted up flywheel as that is what is most recognised in the UK forums but the dyno actually measures wheel HP which for the above graph was 285 HP and 275 HP for the lower curve.

The curves are showing 2 maps for the 335d, the lower one is a good remap from a reputable Tuner in the UK, the higher curve is from Evolve. The figures are probably lower than what is normally seen due to the way that we strapped the car down, this was done to ensure consistent figures between the two dyno runs.

A strong map on the 335d will see 360 flywheel HP and 550lb/ft which puts it well in front of a standard 335i and on the heels of a mapped 335i.