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6 Years Like Clockwork

Hmmm.... just coincedental, but my history is:

'82 Honda Civic
'88 Toyota Corolla
'94 Volvo 750
'00 Subaru Outback
'06 BMW 325 xiT

And, the trade ins have all been much better than $1500 - I almost got that for the '82 Honda Civic. They all had about 90K miles and I got $11K for the Volvo (piece of junk) and $9500 for the Subaru.

It's certainly easier on the budget when you can put 25% into retirement accounts, save for kids' college, pay a mortgage, ... and not work 70 hours a week.

So, what will my 2012 BMW look like (or will I continue my lack of brand loyalty?)

2006 Electric Red 325xiT.