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Originally Posted by beh-em-veh-808 View Post
So, it was a bit of a shock to me is that the filter and engine oil combined to a cost of over $50!!!! I guess that's the price of owning a BMW.
If only things were so cheap here !

Having decided to do my own interim oil change at 7000 odd miles I bought two 4 litre cartons of Castrol Edge 0-30 and a BMW filter kit.

Cost - $200 US equivalant !!!!!!!!!!

Thats on top of filling the tank yesterday with Shell V Power - $150 US equivalent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I failed in my attempt today to change the oil. Got the car all jacked up and ready only to find my torque wrench/bar etc is too long to access the drain plug, No problem I thought, use a 17mm ring spanner. Doh, havent got one of those either !

Drop the car again and give up. But wait, now I cant get the trolley jack off the jacking point as its cut into the BMW rubber jacking point blocks and is struck !! Anybody know if these can be renewed ?

Next time I will plan the job better.