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Originally Posted by breakfast101
Anybody has any chances buying steering wheel from Qalbeli or Albert elliasson (Sweden) from Ebay?

Actually I bought an 410 euros airbag module from him. I told him to check the part number before sending me the goods.
He said he had both models -3082 and -4559 in stock. What I need is -3082 for E90 320i.
The airbag came me in 3 days with wrong part number.
I e-mailed him back and asked for a refund of 405 euros.
I just disappeared and didn't reply to any mails of mine.

What should I do now?

1) How did you have a airbag shipped ? BMW moes them around in big metal cages, because they are dangerous explosive devices

2) What where you sent ? -0515 ?
BMW if you are reading, I need a job, Please.