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Originally Posted by e.n335 View Post
There are a lot of quite good ECU flashes for the n35D engines here in Europe. However, I would never consider a 335D register turbo for the e90/e92/e93 series. Diesels have a narrow power band ( thats why they are all steptronics ), they sound not good at all and will never behave like a petrol gas engine. Probably the best application for diesels are heavy cars like the X5, trucks, etc. I owned a performance tuned X5 3.0D for almost 2 years, my best day with this car has been when the dealership bought it back and delivered my 335i ( the new owner who bought my car likes the X5 tune ) .

A Vishnu V3, Dinan or Noelle tuned 335i will beat every performance tuned 335d in any performance and / or fun related discipline. Fully warranted, in case you like to.

My first (BMW) diesel has been my last diesel. A lot of more HPFP issues compared to the 335i. Great cruising milage is not everything. The price of the cars ( 335i / 335d ) is equal here in Switzerland. The quality of the diesel in the US seems to be another problem.

Fair enough point of view. However, I use my 335d mainly for business use and long journey's so for me it makes sense to have a diesel over the petrol equivelent, it costs a touch more than the 35i but has better residuals and cheaper running costs. Like I said I get on average 37mpg, in a 35i this would probably be under 25mpg. I don't track it so the need for long revs and a manual box are irrelevent, I just need a fast mile muncher and the 335d fits the bill perfectly, especially once remapped.