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Ultimate "Driving" Machine.

330i Sport Package - Last night my Flat Tire indicator light came on but I did not discern much of any pressure loss. This morning I brought the car to a tire dealer who found a small screw and repaired the tire. But the Flat indicator would not go off, even after trying initialization. I went to my local BMW garage and they said oh you can't repair them, you must relaced them. I called my dealer and 2 different service people told me 2 different said repair was ok, the other said no...must be replaced....but they didn't have any tires. So I drove to work (close by) and after inspecting the tire, found another small nail in the side wall. No wonder the indicator light stayed on. OK, so I called Tire Rack and got the same news, no back tires...back ordered for several weeks. The rep told me to call Bridgestone and rip...and I did and got the story that they have an emergency stock pile and will call me within 24 hours.

How can BMWNA allow this kind of shortfall of supply of an item they require replaced and big deal, you can ride a bit on them with a puncture, but if there is no supply what are we suppose to a car until tires become available? Forget this BS on replacing the RF every time you run over a nail. I am going to get some real tires with better handling and wing it having AAA....and deal with being sensative to the indicator light and know under normal circumstances they can be fixxed and run normally.

This is clearly a case of technology getting in the way of practicality....and maybe some of the problem with these new BMWs is that they are way to carried away with premature technology advances ( I Drive, RFs) and are loosing site that they are the Ultimate "DRIVING" machine....

when will I be driving my poor car again?: cry: