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Larry from Los Angeles

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I get my new 330 next week.

After all this RFT talk, which I've been reading here for months and in the 5 series fora, I've decided that I will probably take all four new tires off the car, store them for the duration of my 36 month lease, and buy five regular Michelin tires. I am going to buy a plain wheel for the trunk spare and will have a black cover made and put the tire in the trunk. I don't use the trunk for anything and it's big enough to put the spare in the back of the trunk. I'll secure it will bungy ties.

Lastly, I know I sound like a lawyer, which I am, but if BMW doesn't correct this problem very quickly, it is only a matter of time 'til a Class Action lawsuit is filed against them. Clearly, despite all the talk of this being the new technology, BMW's thinking is clearly flawed at this time and the lack of available RFT stock opens them up to series legal liability. BMW is pushing the envelope on tire technology, but by doing so, is sticking the consumer with both the expense in time AND money in dealing with these tires.

Since I can buy REAL tires (all 5) and the extra wheel for the same $700 they want to charge me for tire/wheel insurance, I feel this is a much better purchase.

That's one person's opinion.