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ElectronicWoot | Gp Thunders e92 angel eye upgrade, h8+h3+d1s GREAT LOOK, NEW STOCK

I know everyone in this forum has been trying to find a vendor who supplies the very popular GP Thunder bulbs for all your bmw needs, whether itís a new series or even an older series. We are your #1 source for all your GP THUNDER Xenon bulb needs. We are fully stocked with all GP Thunders, Kelvin ranging from 3500K, 7500K, 8500K.

*** just as a note, we "DONT" carry h8 in 3500k***

For this forum, most bulbs fall into these type(s) : h8 35W, h3 55W, h11 55W, h7 55W. also d1s for your xenon look

So I would start off with h8 35W since this bulb type seems to be the most popular on this forum. Angel Eyes, Fog Lights, and Corner Lights.

PM if you have any questions/concerns,


8500k=bluer version of 7500k

d1s 10k

d1s 6k

gp thunder pics