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Originally Posted by Innerloop View Post
Yeah, I've pretty much written it off. I wonder WHY no DCT? Emissions approval problems? Maybe limited supply from the manufacturer and there aren't enough for the larger US market yet? US Market is huge for automatics compared to elsewhere, so if they have a limited supply of DCT or a large supply or Steptronics, then the US market would be the place to cut-off.

Still, I would have preferred even if they were limited supply, at least make it a buy-up option from the automatic. Lame.

I assume no way to sneak one across the border?
Good question about why no DCT. I would doubt an emissions problem, especially as some other countries are as or more stringent than the US (also, in other BMW literature, I believe they mention that DCT achieves 5% better gas mileage than either the standard manual or Steptronic). *If* DCT is not an option on US/NA builds while it is everywhere else in the world, one wonders why anyone in North America would want to do business with a car manufacturer like BMW--unless of course they're a dealer and have no choice--as opposed to, say, Lexus, Audi, and Infiniti, who are aggressive about introducing useful new technologies to the NA market and everywhere else.

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