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Originally Posted by thd13
I'm trying to; any suggestions? I'm currently looking at Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1 or 12.1, depending on how little space the 12.1 will take. And I was going to pair it up with a Rockford Fosgate P4001 amp bridged @ 4 ohms. I was going for something modestly priced with decnet thump for the Logic 7.
Hmm well I can tell you that the Rockford is junk. Lotta people I know have used it and its junk. I would do something simple since you are going to be using the stock head unit. If you want something nice that is adjustable to your liking I would go with a Kicker set up.

2 10" Comp VR's in a custom built box. (I can give you the specs to build a nice box) Also if you want deeper bass sound, buy the yellow wall insulation from home depot and put it on the backing inside the box.

What you have to take into consideration is the Trunk. Its pretty large. In a larger trunk you need more power because of the area. So something like a Mini Cooper a 200 Watt amp is sufficent enough with 1 sub. But this would not work in the BMW. Also do you have the rear fold down arm rest? This is good if you do. The trunk is so well insulated in the BMW it takes power to get sound into the cabin of the car.

So I would do something simple. Either go with a Kicker Amp or do a nice Infinity Amp. A mono amp is good choice in keeping things simple. I would personaly to get nice quality go with A Kicker Mono Channel Class D Amplifier (06ZX7501) its $499.99 but the power output is 375 watts RMS at 4 ohms or 750 watts of peak power at 2 ohms.

If you are running 4ohms 375watts will get you plenty of bass in the car.

Ill put up a pic off my wiring and I am running at 2Ohms around 325 watts and I have very nice sound. And its all adjustable also through the Stock head unit with the bass option. The logic 7 works very well with this setup.

My setup when I tested it is running 2ohms. I am sure tho if you run 2 subs at even at 2 ohms you can get an amp that is rated between 300-400 Watts RMS continuious you can save yourself some money. Although this amp when running at 4 Ohms will be alot less like 150 or so. So you just have to watch what you buy.

If you want a saturday and sunday project. Im in NJ, if ur not to far into MD, maybe you can swing by for a day and we can hook you all up with a nice system.

Good Luck~

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