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Question Stuck Radio Button/Spilt Drink :(

The "Mode" button gets stuck when I press it in, and pressing it in does not sound good. I am able to pry it back out with a little force from a razor blade. Yes, this is caused by a spilled drink. When the spill happened, I tried to get as much of the liquid out with napkins that I keep in the car, but I guess I did not do a good enough job.

The car has the 6 programmable buttons, plus the FM/AM and Mode buttons that comes with iDrive.

I read one thread about a stuck DTC button from a cola product, and they where able to fix the problem by getting access to behind the button by performing part of the TVandNAV2Go DIY. I looked through this DIY, and it looks like there is a faceplate for the CD/DVD/Button panel, but the buttons stay attached to the DVD and CD Drives/Radio unit that is behind the faceplate.

Does anyone have a suggestion for getting whatever gunk that is behind this button out?

I had thought about putting a bit of rubbing alcohol on the edge of a napkin and trying and cleaning it out that way, but I donít think it will work very well, but itís better than nothing. Taking it to the dealer would be my last resort, as this is probably not covered under the warrantee, and I would hate to pay for a whole CD/DVD unit just for 1 button.

Thanks for any help!
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