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Originally Posted by ShereKhan View Post
I've done nearly 50k miles in mine now.

Aside of all the problems it is a good car.

I tend to get 31 mpg only if I drive at constant 70mph with cruise for a 200 mile trip. Overall I tend to get 27.7 mpg according to my calculations (brim to brim). If you are getting 17mpg you must be doing a lot stop start driving. Lowest I have had mine is 20mpg with only city driving.

Most of my driving is on Motorway.

Nic the nearest thrill (well what is allowed by my employer and insurance) is driving on the Autobahn. The engine just sounds great 110+ mph
Thanks a lot for your reply. I had another change to drive on Motorway last week for about 440 km and the reading is 22.69 mpg. I guess I must be doing something wrong. What I observed though when I had the chance to use cruise control at about 75 mph the reading was about 33 mpg.