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Originally Posted by WERND View Post
Might have KC also.

Well got the MT1s on the car with the 245 Dunlops. Just barely fit so I doubt the 255s would have fit. With camber plates and 3mm spacer though, no problem. So the next set will be the 255s (they were out of stock). Actually the next set will probably be the BFG Competition tires they have. They're only $265 and I'm told they last like a Toyo which is a great selling point for me. Always had good luck with the Toyos so I hope the BFGs compare well although I probably won't need a set for quite some time.

Tire Racks building is freakin' huge! Seen it many times from the outside but man when your inside it's just amazing, I can't believe they're ever out of stock on anything. Next year they're going to add 260,000+ sq ft, it will put them over 900,000 sq ft!
I know that Russ tried the BFG's. Russ had a hard time getting them to be as fast as he wanted on the track. He told me that they felt like they had a bunch of grip, but ultimately still slower than the Hoosier and he thought they were about the same lap times as the Toyo RA-1 takeoffs that he had run just before. He also commented that they heat cycled out fairly quickly. Joe used a set if I am not mistaken...ask him what he thought I thought about a set, but based on price, I would be more inclined to look at the Michelins, or better off staying with the Toyos or Victoracers.