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Originally Posted by MrToad View Post
The new STi is absolutely terrible. I test drove one and was truly disappointed with it. The car felt sluggish and like I was driving a boat..
Was the "S Drive" controller set to economy (less power, better fuel economy mode) ?

I guess it depends on user preference. I came from the Subaru world and I miss the 8" suspension travel on the WRX/STi models. There is definitely body roll in hard cornering but the wheel control and chassis stability is awesome. Hit a mid corner bump with the suspension loaded up and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Also, you have to get the rotation done before turn in and apply the throttle aggressively well before the apex. If you like to use a trailing brake and expect to increase yaw under throttle I can see why you would dislike the STi (especially if you drove on a smooth road where the wheel control characteristics are not evident)