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Originally Posted by .:bHd:. View Post
Oh never mind then i thought there was an option to shoot HDR straight out of the camera. Anyways I love it, the interface is very easy to use and understand and the live view mode is very useful. One complaint though is when you try to take a shot through the viewfinder, your nose touches the screen and it gets oily and shit.

What you are referring to is AEB , and yes XSI, XT, XTI, they all support it... and if you want a camera that doesnt have AEB, its not a big deal you can manuall play with the exposure settings. But AEB does make it easier.

However, all that will give you is 3 shots of different exposures. Then you need a program called photomatix to create HDR images.

HDR is played out, that over drawn look is whack. HDR is only good if you use it for the right reasons, and not to have extremely fake looking pics.