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Originally Posted by dchen2 View Post
I bought the exhaust used and believe it has had ~3000-5000miles on it so it should be past the break in right? the connections were reclamped though so maybe the clamps need to time to tighten up or something.

I went for a joyride tonight after work and reconfirmed how great the car sounds being driven hard in DS with the revs up and I definitely feel the car significantly stronger in the upper rev ranges where it felt slightly weak before.

Unfortunately commuting or cruising, I am mostly in the 1500-2000rpm range and that really bassy boom combined with the metallic vibration/resonance is driving me crazy even with the audio on and windows up .

After a few thousand miles, it should be broken-in.

You may want to check all the clamps and exhaust to body clearance once again.

There can be some drone in the low rpm range. Manual cars seem to get out of that much quicker than autos. And manual cars tend to spend most of its time beyond the drone ranges.