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Originally Posted by NPDAN View Post
That's odd... i had the Borla for a long time and never once did I hear any droning
Do you have a e92 auto trans and/or the secondary cat delete installed? Will having the secondary cat delete make a factor in the droning/vibration?

(sorry, hard to tell if your car is a E90 or E92 with your compressed sig )

I was really puzzled too, since everything I heard here said the single muffler borla was the most drone-free and semi-aggressive but good sounding exhaust out there for the e9X's. (though at the cost of ~10hp tuned compared to a dual muffler more aggressive solution).

I've had a L-tuned exhaust on my old Lexus GS430 that sounded similar to the borlas in tuning the car to sound somewhat louder and deeper but the L-tuned had a pretty consistent increase in sound level increase across all rpms unlike the Borlas that right now are really enhancing the 1500-2000range (the renasonce present in that range might be amping the sound though) and the L-tuned definitely had only very minor/not bothersome droning.

Unfortunately as it stands, especially with the cheap rattling/metallic vibration sound emanating from my exhaust, my car sounds exactly like a 80s/90s civic with a rice'd out coffee can exhaust whenever I am just ambling around town! (and it sounds exactly the same as the forementioned civic from the interior as well from sad to admit personal experience (riding around with a buddy with a horrible car taste))

Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
After a few thousand miles, it should be broken-in.

You may want to check all the clamps and exhaust to body clearance once again.

There can be some drone in the low rpm range. Manual cars seem to get out of that much quicker than autos. And manual cars tend to spend most of its time beyond the drone ranges.
I'll definitely request the muffler shop do that and if they can't solve the problem, might even drive down to North Chicago 3hours away to get it checked out by one of the many fine performance shops down there (that is assuming I can bear to cruise in my car for three hours enduring the horrible sound that is!). Beats the alternative of spending $150 labor to uninstall it and junking it since I can't in good concionous sell the exhaust in this state to another board member or even fellow fleabayer.

I so badly want this exhaust install to work out since I am loving the exhaust sound reving past 2k rpm and appreciate that extra near redline kick as well as the improved rear cosmetics. Just got to make the exhaust livable on a daily basis first!