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Originally Posted by LeeD31 View Post
This is what I wrote to a forum member that inquired on the price and the after-effects of Dinan.

I purchased my Dinan Stage II from Calgary BMW as it was $300 cheaper than any of the dealerships that offered the service in Edmonton. I paid $1999.99 (not including tax) for the Dinan Flash and $120 for the labor (again, not including tax).

I recorded my mileage from Edmonton to Calgary and I was able to get 29.7mpg (pre-flash). When I drove back from Calgary back to Edmonton, I was able to get 32.9mpg (post-flash). One thing I noticed right away was the amount of power deliver later on in the powerband. I wouldn't say it is delivered all at 1,500 RPM, but around 2,500-3000.

We decided to head home immediately after the flash, so I left the dealer parking lot and saw an open road leading to an intersection about to turn yellow. Lets just say, I wasn't used to all this power at first, and I had a run in with an undercover cop that told me I was going "excessively" fast in what seemed to be a 50 zone.

I was rolling with 2 other people on my trip to Calgary and they definitely notice the difference. A couple things that I noticed post-flash is that my car burn's a bit more fuel. That said I am alot more cautious about how I drive now. However, this is deceiving as the computer says that I've been getting BETTER mileage out of my car. Pre-Flash MPG Range - 19.2-19.7 / Post-Flash - 19.7-20.2.

Another thing is, this number can decrease substantially if you go WOT (Wide Open Throttle) on the Dinan Flash, however, the decrease was not so much stock. Another thing is, I get alot of wheel spin at 1st, 2nd, and sometimes 3rd when I'm redlining it.... AND at 5th/6th gear, the car pulls like a MF. One last thing, my car is ridiculously powerful now. I raced my co-workers 2007 SLK 55 AMG, which had quite a bit more HP than I did before the Dinan Flash, minus 100 some pounds. I had one passenger in my car that day, and I was able to take him.

JAWS> if you want to try it out, gimme a shout and we'll go for a ride!

Well said LeeD31, the car pulls like a MF and just pulls more in the next gear, it is addictive for sure. Imagine how an AWD car feels.

I'm glad Calgary BMW got you in.