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haha dammit I wanted my pic to be on the front page

Great pics guys!! I will be posting mine maybe as soon as tonight. I have a bachelor party to attend today, and later tonight I when I get home I might have some time to put them up. If not, you`ll have to wait until tomorrow

Hey Marc I definetly see what you were talking about with the apeture (sp?) setting and that it takes some experience to focus it just right. Your pic of Craig in the first few shots was really blurry and almost overexposed, yet the black E90 in the background was perfectly in focus.....Im going to try experimenting with it later if I get the chance this afternoon.

When I left mine in apeture mode (or shall I say YOU left it lol) I realized my camera would move the box on the screen to whereever it was focusing on...took me a few tries to get it to settle on what I was focusing on (i.e, the shot of daves engine bay while looking at the E93, it was trying to focus on various parts of the engine bay, and farther away, and finally fiddling around a bit got it to focus right on the M3 badge.....hopefully when I blow it up tonight it wont look that bad lol)

Great meet guys!!! Got to make some new friends, and re-hash it with some old ones I havent seen in forever....