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Bro i was big in the car show scene and have had my E46 featured in various magazines so I know all too well about the point system and whats required when being judged. But 4 teenage girls,an assistant manager and 2 geek squad members don't make for a car show judging team! No slight to anyone as we had tons of great looking cars at our MEET... but that being said my point was no one should feel slighted at all by not getting an award based on being judged by people who generally had no clue what they were judging a car on other than if it was a pretty color and was shiny!!
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I have been to many car shows and to tell you the truth, a clean engine bay does matter when it comes to show cars or even car enthusiast showing off their cars! For a meet I guess it doesn't matter, but if i was a judge I would look at the overall package of the car including all mods and the cleanliness of the car in general! I was a bit surprised when the final cars were chosen and the hoods were opened...some of you guys keep the outside of the car and interior super clean, but neglected the engine bay!!! Its almost like working out hardcore and eating alot of junk food! I never cleaned my engine bay before on any of my other cars until my E93 when I chromed the engine cover, but now that I have it, I detail it about twice a month..Its a PITA but it looks good when you have to show it off!