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Originally Posted by bsd107 View Post
I'm not so hot on the new wheels, although I don't have many complaints. I think all the wheels looks nice, although I'm not entirely sold on the Style 287 on the 335i Sport Package Sedan. Agree that they are probably better suited to a coupe.

I do have to say (and note that I do NOT own a 3-series) that the MY2008 335i Sedan Sports Package wheels Style 162 are the best looking wheels that BMW has put on a car in over five years, at least in my opinion. I always thought that those particular wheels were the perfect match for the E90. I can see why they want to make a change, as I seem to see those wheels on half the E90's that I see on the road, but, again, they were one of the styles that just seemed to fit the car perfectly. I'm kind of sad that they won't be shipping on the cars anymore.....
Well, in my opinion, the best looking wheels (by far) are the one's on the facelifted 650i. They're so damn sexy I'm considering putting some on my car.
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