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Greetings all - new member/short term lurker here.

Had my 335i M Sport Touring for a month or so now (Black, 56 plate for those that are interested) and have to say I'm loving it. Switched from an RS6 to the BM. BM is by far a better drive (RS6 engine is an awesome thing but you just felt a bit too detached from the driving experience - that and the fact that it has suspension made from chocolate with a fondant filling. Seriously, whole lot replaced three times in 18 months due to failures ....).

Anyway - am planning a copuple of mods as and when finances allow and will be purely focused on performance rather than looks. Will be needing tyres before too long and have been reading the run flat vs Non run flat stuff with interest - still undecided though!

Have found the forum an interesting mix of useful info / amusing reads / questionable threads so far so thanks, thanks and wtf?!!

Mr P.