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Originally Posted by CALIBMDOUBLEU View Post
I have the OEM 19" 230 rims and want to replace the runflats with some general exclaim UHPs from tirerack. The stock tires are 225/35/19 F and 255/30/19 R. Is it okay if I mount the available 235/35/19 and 265/30/19 on front and rear respectively? Tirerack has 225/35/19 F but they don't carry 255/30/19 R for Generals so that's why I looked towards the wider sizes. Will there be rubbing? I really have no idea what is and is not okay.

I found somewhere on the forum that the offsets of the 19" OEM rims are +37 and +39 if that helps any.
you are going to be fine.

Originally Posted by hyperspeed View Post
need fitment help as well

dropped on H&R Sport Springs

19x8.5 et32 245/35/19 conti's
19x10 et25 275/35/19 conti's

are the tire sizes too large? would from be better with 235 or is 245 okay? is rear better with 265 or is 275 okay?

please note that i AM rolling fenders. tiy!
Those are M3 offset fitment and you may or may not be rubbing the rear with 275. Some people are ok with 275 with rolled fenders some are not. If you want to be on the safe side, run 265 with rolled fender, if not try 275 with some negative cambers. front should be fine btw.

Originally Posted by Sick Speed View Post
For those of you that have had your fenders rolled did you have any issues with keeping the interior well cover in place?

I am being told if I roll my fenders that this cover will no longer remain in place.

My set up is:

Modest drop on H & R Sport Springs (OEM shocks/struts)
VOLK TE37 19 x 8.5 front 245/35/19 - Yokohama AVS ES 100
VOLK TE37 19 x 9.5 rear 275/30/19 - Yokohama AVS ES 100

Only my rear tires are rubbing so I need to get them rolled.

Innner trims should be fine with fender rolling. I think you are rubbing because of aggressive offset in the rear (guessing 25+?). Even with fender roll, you may be rubbing the rear. If so, try 1~2 degree in negative cambers. It usually works for most people with M3 offset rims.

--> edit : never mind... i saw your post and your offset is 35+. So yea you should be fine with fender roll. Congrats on new shoes. looks great...

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