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I think it would work on any car, the reason BMW tend to stipulate that it is only with cars from XX/XX date is because there are major software changes needed to be made to the car before the vehichle can be coded for the new function you are trying to fit, often making a retrofit uneconomicly viable.

For example, BMW made it quite clear that E60's built before 09/2005 could not be coded for MP3 playback, it turned out the reason for this was just about every module on the car had to be updated before the MP3 function could be uploaded, it took 48 hours for my 535d to get to the point where the Mp3 feature could be added.
In fact when I picked the car up two days later it hadn't actually been done, they had coded so much that they actually forgot to do the MP3, they took the car back in and 20 minutes later it was working.

So I reckon in theory any car can have the 6FL retrofit, but you will probably find cars ofter 09/2007 will be ready to take it straight away.