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Originally Posted by sparcomx View Post
Okay Now I'm very confused.. I have went as far as tearing up a 335i with everthing on it.. Here is what I found...

1. A car with 6FL Nav Bmw Assist will have two modules wired in parallel MULF2 and a TCU. The TCU sits on top and the MULF2 is under the TCU..

2. A car with 6FL has a different harness that allows the parallel installation..
mi car dose not have this hardness. I have nav, va, bmw assist, bt 08/03 production..

3. The retofit kits posted here in the pdf.. removes the tcu.. the tcu has all the antenas, va, bmw assist, bt.. so you lose va and bmw assist..

Can someone provide a wiring diagram of the parallel harness for me i cant find it.. also find out the part numbers for both harnesses..

-- Thanks
-- George
I am still working on the wiring diagrams. There are more than a million files to be copied to my hard drive, about 16 hours to go...