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This GB is officially closed!!!

This is brand new release from AFE.

Having gone through the pain of designing a true dual filter cold intake for our project 335i using ITG Maxogen cone filters, we know this new AFE intake is truely a great design. And something we would not hesitate to install on our project 335i.

As soon as AFE send us one, we will have a third party dyno numbers for the community. Hopefully on a stock car and tuned.

Let us start a list here for those interested. More people the better the discount.

I will PM each person on the list the special pricing.

Here is the original product release thread by "buttered popcorn"

Please indicate if you prefer the Pro-Dry S verion(dry) for $464.71 or the other style(oiled) systems for $469.41 retail. As we get a little closer to the target number of people we will have a better idea on pricing and will PM your individually.

If you were wondering which filter is better, the answer is the Pro-Dry!

Benefits of the Pro-Dry filter:

advanced FLOW engineering offers you a better choice of oil-free filters: New Pro Dry S synthetic dry-media filters. Pro Dry S filters use a revolutionary two-ply synthetic material that is functionally superior to traditional paper media and single-ply synthetic, and easy to service. Pro Dry S dry-media filters increase airflow providing improved horsepower, torque, and fuel economy with 99.4%* filtration efficiency. Perhaps the greatest benefit of new Pro Dry S filters is the convenience of servicing these oil-free filters. To clean a Pro Dry S filter lightly tap it on the ground, vacuum it, or wash with soap and water. Solvents and oiling are not necessary. Pro Dry S dry-media filters by aFe are now available on all of our popular air intake systems for gas and diesel trucks, SUVs, and cars. Replacement Pro Dry S filters for all air intake systems are also available and sold individually.

Group Buy Update and procedure:

Payments are nonrefundable once made. Those on the list please PM us your full name, address, email, and phone number and we`ll send the request for payment via Paypal Invoice/Money Request. CA residence will have a different link with CA sales tax added. You will be able to view the price of the intake with FREE shipping to the 48 States. If you reside outside of US, a link with freight specific to your country of residence will be PM to you.


The intake kits are being assembled from AFE. Filling the orders will be in batches, first on the list first to ship(after confirming payment of course). We can't promise anyone a time frame since speaking with AFE resulted in no ETA today, but they are working on them as fast as they can. We will update everyone here daily.

Payment is expected within 72 hours(increased time limit for incorrect payment link sent) starting mid night(pacific time) tonight, August 6th or we will assume you forfeit your spot on the list and the AFE intake kit will go the the next person on the list. In addition, the GB price will no longer be valid after midnight(pacific time) August 9.


For those who PM the contact info and received the payment link, but couldn't get it to work, please PM us again. For some reason E90post crops our link and the page will not display properly.

Everyone, We need your info, please refer to the above "Group Buy update and procedure". Product price and payment will be provided after we receive your info.

If you have paid and we have hot update your status, please PM us so we can correct it.

Wonder why you have not received any payment info? Please PM us your contact info as soon as possible(name, address, email, and phone number).

Again, if you weren't following this thread, AFE is assembling these kits as fast as they can, the best ETA I can say is between 1-2 weeks.


!!!AFE has set the ETA for shipping in 5-12 business days!!!


Latest news, we have 8 of the dry verion and 2 of the oiled version coming to us. Those on the list with payment made will starting shipping as soon as Monday!

A few kits managed to show up today. Those on top of the list should have their intake soon!


3 more kits went out today!


More intakes should arrive either on Friday or Monday.

!!!Important!!! Please make sure you are on the correct list either dry or oiled.

AFE Intake:


1. tmw139 - Shipped!

3. Banker335i

5. sublimey - Shipped!
6. TheAcAvenger - Shipped!
7. luca335i - Shipped!

9. rooster3.0 - Shipped!
11. i2iSTUDIOS - Shipped!

15. lucassilva - Shipped!
16. 1clean335i - Shipped
18. meinauto - Shipped!
19. kitw - Shipped!

22. tom_e - Shipped!
23. chriscecc914 - Shipped!
24. Dolemite79 X 2 - Shipped!
26. Bizout77 - Shipped!

29. phattbam - Shipped!

31. gian335i - Shipped!
32. Kratos - coming in for complimentry install!
33. superlubricity - Shipped!
34. MrSoulE93 - Shipped!
35. CB7 - Shipped!

37. BuLoOoSki - Shipped!

39. ericsmc83 - Shipped!
40. brbheels - Shipped!
41. dmboone25 - Shipped!

43. ala012 - Shipped!

49. robbie211 - Shipped!

51. BlueLion - Shipped!
52. becker800 - Shipped!!
53. shwettee - Shipped!
54 . jiseok - Shipped!


2. E90AWMT - Shipped!

9. Mr. 5 - Delivered! Look for Mr. 5's feedback on the intake soon!

11. Flat Out 32 - Shipped!
12. BMWnation - Shipped!
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