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same here...they know of this issue, i have asked about it before. apparently they are still waiting word from bimmian.

some cars do this, some dont, so its a chance you take i guess.

Originally Posted by kennethpetro View Post
Actually the kit i ordered for a 2008 e92 coupe enabled me to replace the;

Vanity Mirror lights (both sides)
Front and Rear center dome lights
Front and Rear Map/Reading lights
Glove Box Light
Rear footwell lights (both sides)
Front footwell lights (both sides)
Lights under the door that come on when you open them (both sides)
Interior trunk light
Since i have a 2008 my car already had LED for the license plate so i have an additional one left over.
That was every light i could find in the car.
None of the LED's ever threw an error (thank god) just issues with(see below)

Every one of them work perfectly, except the front and rear dome & Map/Reading lights, they're all whacked out.

When i initially get into my car and start (remaining parked) it i am always able to turn on both the dome and map lights, but you can only leave them on for about 30 seconds then they go off and all the under door LED's, rear footwell LED's & front footwell LED's all turn on. When you go to turn on either the front or rear dome lights, all the floor LED's turn off but the dome lights don't turn on, so there are no LEDs on at this point.

The map lights may or may not work at this point either. They may make the floor LED's turn on, or they may work, there is no set pattern to it, the dome lights are the only ones that will never turn back on until you stop and start your car again. Keep in mind this is all while parked because when your driving it reacts differently (a little).

(While Driving) Sometimes the dome lights work perfectly and they'll stay on for longer then 30 seconds, on the other hand after 30 seconds they'll turn off the floor LED's go on. Other times the dome lights won't go on at all, they just act as a switch to turn on or off the floor LED's, which you NEVER need while driving.

(While Driving) The map lights will always go on but sometimes they'll stay on longer than 30 seconds and sometimes they'll go off and act like a switch to turn on/off the floor LED's.

I just use the vanity mirror LED's as my dome lights while driving or parked because they are VERY VERY VERY bright and stay on forever. It's a workaround but not having the dome & map lights work is a f**king pain in the ass. I've tried removing the LED's from the 4 map lights and only having LED's in the dome lights, same results. I've tried the reverse of that with LED's in the map lights and not in the dome lights, same results.

I've been dealing with having to work around the issues with the dome/map LED's only because i never wanted to try and explain all the different scenarios in a post but i'm hungover at work today and just don't feel like doing anything productive, so here i am writing this LOL

To sum it all up, the LED's look AWSOME and you can use the vanity mirrors as your dome lights but i'm finding that to be MORE AND MORE AND MORE annoying to deal with.

So im asking Jlevi (where i got the LED set) for some on how to fix the issue (if there even is one)