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Originally Posted by hl0m4n View Post
what is s-vol 1? speed volume?

also all these numbers when you say +2, -2, etc they are from the stock setup right? i noticed on the e92 w/ i drive you put logic 7 to concert instead of the original of l7 being off, what was the reason for this is you don't mind me asking?

also for the e92 w/ i drive the bass is to user liking and is changable right?

once again thank you very much for the settings and i will have to try them out when i finish work
Yes, I the TREB and BASS settings are "user definable" basically. You can adjust those to your liking. Usually people that crank their music higher will need to lower the TREB and BASS settings to prevent overbearing highs and lows, and most importantly, minimize distortion.

Often times I see people with BASS on +10, cranking it all up, speakers distorting like crazy, and they have the audacity to say "that sh** sounds dope huh?!!?!"

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