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Originally Posted by ///Mantis View Post
1997 BMW did not have MDM, did not have 414HP

edit: im confused by OP's post and the link.... what car are we talking about?
Short version -- I have a friend at work with an 18 year old son. He just bought his son a car, and I was asking about it. He mentioned that his son's best friend also got a car from his parents around the same time, a used M3. That kid drove it like a bat out of hell and killed himself in it just 3 weeks later. This happened in the local DC area.

I don't remember this making the local news, but we do hear about teens dying in car wrecks quite a bit around here. My friend said that at the funeral, the kid's dad mentioned the names of 4 or 5 other kids from his son's high school who had died in car wrecks within just the past couple of years.

Sad thing is that even if you get your own child a "safe" car, they could just as easily ride around with the inexperienced kid showing off in the performance car. Made me think of the Florida teen in the M5, driving off the airstrip and killing himself and 3 friends.

The post was nothing more than a stop and think moment for me. Some BMW content, and some Mid-Atlantic content. I don't know if anyone here knew the kid who died or if he was ever on this board, but I doubt it.
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