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Originally Posted by Santa34 View Post
$64,500? You could buy a slightly used 335 for just around half that(maybe a liitle more), and use the extra savings to buy gas more often. You would still save more on the car than you would ever save on the gas. Nice try, but it dosen't work for me.

1) I dont think u can get a 335 for half that in the UK even tho the most popular car in the UK is the 3 series.

2) its not aimed at people who want 335/M3 like performance (like yourself)

3) save the earth mofos.

4) it does 0-62 in 6.9 secs while getting 52mpg (astonishing)

5) its a sport tuners 1st effort at efficiency which is very honorable

And most importantly...

6) If we shut down ideas like this at their infancy, there will be nothing better that will "work for you" in the future. If this is embraced by go-greeners and efficiency freaks (which i hope it is) there will be a faster, more efficient D3 in the near future.

I dunno about you, I would loooooove to own a 335 or M3 that gets even twice the gas millage I'm getting now in the M3 (12mpg). Ideas like this will get us there.